The Life of Brian.

The adventures of Brian the pug and his devotees.

16 December 2014


As you probably know, we will be relocating to Oregon in a few days. On Saturday, we got together with our lovely neighbors to celebrate (?) our eminent departure. We had a fab time and we're very sad to have to say good bye to such a wonderful community.

There was a very high bottle to person ratio at the party
Now we're just packing up the house and getting ready to set out on the next excellent adventure. Stay tuned; over the next couple weeks I'll write some posts from our road trip across the Land of the Free.

14 December 2014

Snug as...

Anyone feel like pugs in a blanket?

26 November 2014

Thank you Mood!

A few weeks ago we spent the weekend in New York. It was fab. Short trip,  but we made the most of it. Empire State Building,  9/11 memorial and museum,  the High Line. And that's what we managed to fit in between meals. We had bagels in Brooklyn,  pasta in Little Italy and pizza in Chelsea.
It would be hard to pick a favorite,  but our quick trip to the garment district was definitely a highlight. I even got to visit Mood, the fabric store of Project Runway fame.
Thank you New York for a fantastic trip!
New York has lots of buildings.
Button and needle sculpture in Garment District

Close up of button
Statue in garment district
Swatch the Mood mascot. He is such a sweet dog!
This shop sells just zippers!
The haul! I have already stitched up the brown fabric into a 'flashdance' sweater.

01 October 2014

He fell asleep like this

Brian had two growths removed,  but I'm happy to report that he is doing well and soaking up all the extra attention. (If it's possible to lavish any more attention on these dogs than wer already do.)

27 August 2014

Monarch Madness

I've been rearing Monarch caterpillars at work. So far we've released over 20, and have at least 40 more that are in various life stages. It's been interesting to watch them develop.

In the first photo below I'm relocating a chrysalis that was in a bad spot. The second photo is of a Monarch that's about to eclose from its chrysalis. You can just make out the wing pattern.

10 July 2014

We've got tomatoes

And they're delicious!

07 July 2014

We have liftoff

Well actually just germination,  but I couldn't be happier! I've been working on starting a pumpkin patch at the park where I work and i am very happy to report that my little pumpkin seeds have sprouted.