The Life of Brian.

The adventures of Brian the pug and his devotees.

03 June 2015

Brother and Sister

04 May 2015

Jackson Bottom

Went for a walk at the Jackson Bottom wetlands in Hillsboro yesterday. We saw tons of birds,  and even saw a beaver and its dam! 

06 April 2015

Happy Easter

17 March 2015

No pants policy

It's nice to be reminded of the no pants policy once in a while.

Leslie Hall: No Pants Policy {NEW REMIX ALBUM}

09 March 2015

Sunbaking pugs

02 March 2015

Live long and prosper

Saddened by the loss of the great Leonard Nimoy. But cookies make everything better. Also, I concluded it was illogical to use regular sugar in place of powdered sugar in the frosting. Fascinating.

25 February 2015

These are a few of her least favorite things

This week,  we've added two items to the list of things Betty doesn't like:

1. Caterpillars

2. Wheel of Fortune